Thank you for looking at my web site.

I have been in the hair and beauty business for over 20 years – much of that in the Peterborough area. I have run my own salon in the past and, more recently, focused more on providing a mobile hair and beauty service.

I have always enjoyed working with people – and importantly, I feel a huge sense of satisfaction in helping someone feel good about how they look.

Hair and beauty is as much about listening as it is ‘doing’. It is only through listening to my customers that I can establish what it is they are wanting! I expect many of you have had experiences of salons where you have felt as if everything was rushed, and that your needs were not listened to or met. In contrast, my goal is to assist you in feeling good about you. When you feel good so do I!

I believe in continuing education and learning when it comes to hair and beauty. I have studied many forms of make-up technique and am always keen to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Andrea Connor.