Hair Price list

Restyle cut and finish
Ladies cut and finish£30.00
Ladies wet cut from£18.00
Fringe cut£4.00
Gents cut    £12.00
Gents cut and finish            £15.00
Shampoo and set             from£15.00
Shampoo and set long    from£20.00
Blow dry                              from£18.00
Afro hair blowdry             from                  £24.00
Long hair£54.00
Short hair£50.00
Afro long hair            £57.00
Afro short hair        £54.00
  Spiral perm       £65.00
Anti-breakage       Olaplex  from£15.00
Braiding                          from            £15.00
Extension                        from            £25.00
Colour (permanent)
Full head, short hair £35.00
Full head, long hair         from£35.00
Semi-permanent   £23.00
Hi-lights/lowlights woven
One colour, short     £45.00
Two colour, short    £45.00
One colour, long          £55.00
One colour, long          £55.00
Relaxer (excl. blowdry/cut)                               
Full head from           £52.00
Retouch short hair           £35.00

All prices are accurate at time of publication but are subject to change prices, given are for guidance only, please note that all services are excl of cuts and blowdry.