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Choose a company with an excellent reputation when selecting your style of wedding hair in PETERBOROUGH. Don't trust your hair to just anyone to look your best. With numerous years of experience in creating breathtaking wedding hairstyles, ANDREA CONNORS MOBILE will help you make your wedding day special. We examine your hair in detail and conduct a pre-wedding trial well in advance. Call 07801 987905 to book your wedding hair appointment with ANDREA CONNORS MOBILE today.

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You want a reliable hairdresser in Peterborough when choosing your wedding hair. Your wedding hair shouldn't be trusted to just anyone. ANDREA CONNORS MOBILE will help you make your wedding day special starting with your wedding hair. We plan well in advance, have a lot of discussions and schedule a pre-wedding trial. By calling 0780 1987 905, you can book a wedding hair appointment with ANDREA CONNORS MOBILE today.


Wedding Hair Choices

For your wedding hair, there are many factors to consider. Different styles suit different face shapes, so it is important to keep this in mind. Different styles of wedding dresses will look different with different hairstyles, so this should be kept in mind. The other factors to consider are hair accessories and the nature of the hair. For your wedding hair, our experienced professional hairdressers are available in Peterborough.


Popular Styles for Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair Stylist in Peterborough

For casual weddings, relaxed styles can be used for wedding hair. Formal weddings call for more sophisticated and intricate wedding hair. To accentuate their hair, brides with short hair can use hair accessories. Brides with long hair have many options for their wedding hair, from knots and buns to long and sleek or curly. With our wedding hair stylists in Peterborough, you can be sure that your hair will be as special as your wedding day.


Types of Accessories for Wedding Hair

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Probably the most important accessory for wedding hair is the veil. There are many different veils to suit all kinds of weddings. Hair pins and combs, hair bands and tiaras are a must to hold elaborate wedding hair in place. By adding flowers to your hairstyle, you can create a fresh and fragrant look. Our wedding hairdressers in Peterborough will be friendly and helpful on your wedding day.


The Advantages of Using a Wedding Hair Stylist

Bridal Hair Stylist in Peterborough

You can reduce the amount of stress you feel on your wedding morning. Your hair should not be worrying you on your wedding day. On the day, your hair will be styled and set ready for your wedding by a wedding hairdresser. With a hairdresser doing your wedding hair, it will decrease your stress levels on the morning of the wedding. While we make you look stunning, you can sit back and relax.


Only the best products!

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Andrea uses only the best make-up and hair products available, including MAC Makeup– the professional choice of make-up artists around the world. She also offers airbrushing to give you a full coverage, flawless finish without that heavy makeup feel. Airbrush allows Andrea to match skin tone perfectly, so you never have lines or creases and it looks amazing in photos and natural!

Andrea can advise on what will work best, or use products that you yourself have tried and tested and feel comfortable with.


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